Viet Nam Clean Water Program developed by INTRACO Carbon, INTRACO has a flagship a product known as the ceramic water purifier, the technology recommended by WHO and UNICEF for LDCs and developing countries. This zero-energy ceramic water purifier displaces the use of firewood fuel traditionally used to boil water for domestic consumption. Viet Nam Clean Water Program seeks to introduce approximately 1,000,000 purifiers in rural and peri-urban Vietnam and in so doing reduce more than 2,000,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. While many of these families do boil water to purify it for drinking purposes, continued use of firewood for this purpose has led to destruction of woodlands. Coupled with this widespread deforestation is the contribution of the households to local carbon dioxide emissions as well as indoor air pollution within the respective domestic units.

Tin Tức Mới Nhất