A breath ot fresh air for carbon & sustainabity

INTRACO Ltd is first choice for our clients, from Blue chip and mid-market companies through to SMEs and public sector organizations.

They share a common goal to maximise commercial opportunities (from both sales tender and operational savings) as well as wishing to develop sustainability credentials that will enhance their brands, engage stakeholders and make their businesses better places to work at.

Intraco Ltd is:

  • Committed to the environment – ISO 14001:2015 implementation and Carbon Neutral
  • Committed to quality – ISO 9001:2015 implementation
  • Leading in carbon offsetting – founding members of the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS)
  • Committed to learning – we run the Carbon Academy for peer group learning, frequently give talks and contribute paper to journals Highly Recognized - we have won a number of awards and also are a chosen partner for various European funding programmes that benefit our clients
  • Independently audited Business Carbon Calculator

Supporting Renewable Energy Projects with our Profits

We are financially supporting UK projects, by reinvesting a proportion of the profits the business makes. This includes projects such as Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and Biomass to help decarbonize the country.

About our team

Our dynamic & highly qualified team provides you with expert year-round support

  • We are brimming with ideas to make sure you get the best return on your investment
  • Whether you have $100,000 to spend or maybe just $1 - we dedicate one of our highly experienced environmental consultants to manage your project
  • Our personal approach guides you through carbon & sustainability management and helps with your marketing.

What are we like to work with?

Our clients say that working with Intraco Ltd is ‘a breath of fresh air’ & ‘like having an extra team members on board’. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service & making the work as fuss free, meaningful, rapid and cost effective for you as possible.

  • We keep it easy – we’ll spare you too many acronyms and industry jargon
  • We keep it personal – a dedicated environmental consultant will guide you through
  • We keep it fully transparent – offsets are registered on publicly viewable registries. As our client, you are welcome to view our auditors reports on our carbon offsetting too
  • We help you track progress – year round support & regular telephone reviews to keep you on track
  • We keep you briefed – we’ll keep you updated year-round on industry specific changes to keep you compliant and ahead of your competitors.

What do we do for the industry?

Intraco Ltd., works tirelessly on your part to shape the agenda for environmental and carbon management for businesses.

  • We are founding members of the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for carbon offsetting - we do not provide carbon offsets as investments
  • We run the Carbon Academy (for peer group learning) & are frequently asked to publish papers
  • We chair the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) in our region
  • We provide input and advice to the government on Low Carbon legislation