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During the process of pursuing the projects, we have received hugs and sometimes emotional tears from local people. Those were happy moments that we will never forget. Seeing people's lives getting better and the living environment improving, we feel motivated to create more meaningful projects.

In Philomene’s family of nine it is the children who collect the wood and tend the fire.

The stove uses wood, but just small pieces of twig and tinder, which rural families can gather without encroaching on forestry. Crucially the design of the stove increases thermal efficiency resulting in quicker cooking speeds and much lower fuel requirements. The stove requires 71% less wood than a traditional fire. Small pieces of wood are fed into the stove via a metal rack.

As these enter the combustion chamber they burn, with all heat produced funnelled up the chamber and under the cooking pot. A pot skirt is wrapped around the pot that is being used for cooking to further enhance the cooking speeds, increase efficiency and minimise wood usage.

A stove that appears to have some environmental advantages but is not reliable in day to day use will soon be discarded and when that happens the consumer and the environment lose.

Two years after receipt, 99% of DelAgua stoves are still in daily use, 87% of households have never had an issue with their stove and we are proud that 95% of our families say that their communities like our Tubeho Neza products. We learn from our hundreds of thousands of users through our extensive household visit programme and use these insights and feedback to develop and improve so that the stove is always better for them and better for the environment.

“My children were spending between two to four hours a day collecting wood before we received our stove. Now they collect wood once every few days” – Philomene

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